Idiot Box

It’s Sunday. I have been without benefit of spouse for most of three days now. Can’t say I care for it.

The missus is visiting relatives from South Carolina (or is it North Carolina? It’s one of those drawl-y, humid states), and a new job and pet care considerations have dictated that I stay home. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Love her as I do, she and I shouldn’t have to be in each others’ pockets all the time, have to have some free-and-clear private and personal time, correct? So relax, dude. Watch bad tv, eat what you want, drink more than is good for you, hey?

Y’know? That’s good for, like, four hours. I was pretty much done with waving my freak flag by noon yesterday. I’d even entertained the notion of treating myself to dinner out at Los Cuates (preternaturally great New Mexican food!) but talked myself out of it because it felt like I’d be cheating on my wife in a way. You just DON’T go to a restaurant alone that you’ve always previously visited with your mate. It just. isn’t. done.

I’ve watched a lot of CNN and MSNBC, which, if you watch for two hours, is basically the same as watching the same half-hour program four times in a row. It’s true, apparently this big ol’ wide world doesn’t provide quite enough news of the easily-digestible sort that we Americans demand (two minutes of shaky video showing unrest in Iran followed by the awwww-inspiring story of the rescue of a flushed kitten to wash that tart taste of social concern out of your mouth). I should have tuned to BBC America for news; at the very least, news reported in that plummy accent at least SOUNDS more interesting and important. They don’t have Nancy Grace, either. I wish they did. No I don’t. That’s just mean. To the British.

(I’m happy to report that the local news is by-and-large pretty inoffensive, at least as evidenced by channel 7. There IS this one guy who has a hairstyle that makes him look like Eddie Munster: The Anchorman Years, but that’s not offensive at all. Maybe I’M offensive for pointing it out.)

I watched a Lifetime movie. Yes, a Lifetime movie. Angie Harmon and her family find out their neighbor placed video recording equipment in the attic of their house and taped them without their knowledge. Creepy. I can’t say that it was a “good” production (other than blurry, back-and-white Angie nudity) in that I felt no compulsion to ring people up and say “You HAVE to see this!”, but it was effective. Boy, was I mad at that creepy neighbor guy.

Then I watched a documentary about UFO mania, hosted by Peter Jennings. Since Peter Jennings himself beamed up four years ago, it’s obvious this program wasn’t terribly fresh, but I’ll say it was the best examination of the subject I’ve seen so far. That’s actually not saying very much, as most television fare on the topic tends to owe a debt to the Erich von Däniken School O’ Mystic Science-y Stuff.

I could just give you a quick run-down of our weekly viewing schedule too, if you like. No? FINE.


I love this town for bicycling. Portland, Oregon has one very good MUP (Multi-Use Path, and it is VERY good one) called the Springwater Corridor, and a superior network of bike lanes and routes (ah, but for how much longer?). Albuquerque’s infrastructure seems more organic, though. Perhaps it’s because most paths seem to stretch from greenspace to park to neighborhood along arroyos and natural contours in the landscape. Maybe it’s because of the wide-open views. Maybe I’m just still dazzled by the scenery. I can’t say anything definitive other than I’m diggin’ it. Today I’m going to drop off some books at Cherry Hills Library and then pedal onward to explore a possible route to work. If our observations are correct, using paths through Heritage Hills Park and along the North Pino Arroyo will take me most of the way, to within a mile and a half or so of my workplace on Office Blvd. There’s a segue point at Ellison and I-25 that looks a leetle sketchy, but it won’t scar my psyche all that much to use a crosswalk for safety’s sake, I imagine. Anything to keep the missus from having to walk to the hospital from the airport Tuesday night.

Gotta get to it. L8rs.

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