A Post Of No Apparent Consequence

I have a cold. This is great because, y’know, it’s an excellent excuse to take a break from my hectic schedule and kick it on the sofa with snacks and cartoons. My conscience and my work ethic isn’t taking a hit here at all. Oh no. I’ve earned a rest. I’m having fun. I’m on vacation!

I am SO freakin’ bored.

Found an apartment in Albuquerque, check. Arranged utilities, check. Reserved a rental truck, moving supplies, and loading/unloading help, check. Almost every aspect save the physical labor of the move itself is accomplished. Twenty days remain to repaint this apartment (thus to ensure return of the deposit), schedule cable and broadband for the new digs (Comcast wouldn’t schedule transfer of services more than two weeks before the activation date), and pack up all the pictures and knick-knacks. We’ll start all that next week, because why have cartons stacked around too soon? So instead…holding pattern. Waiting for Godot. Except I want to go find Godot and yank his metaphorical ass back here so we can get this circus on the road. I don’t want him offstage being all enigmatic, I want his sleeves rolled up and carting our junk down the stairs to an open and waiting truck. In fact, I want Godot to be my bitch.

I’m a bit shame-faced to admit that I…WE…already feel a sense of separation from this place. It’s taken only the loss of a job, stacked against the assets of friendships, a decent place to live, and an interesting city, to completely unravel our connection to a place we’ve called home for over sixteen years. What does it say about us? I may have flights of fancy at times but rarely do they manifest in reality to the degree that they warp the paradigm (Paradigm Warp! Band name!). Of the two of us, I’m the one usually given to analytical paralysis. It seemed unwise at the time to risk what stability we had when we moved up here in 1992, and now we’re doing it again? We’re mad as hatters. I hate moving! Things could go horribly, tragically wrong! We should be protected from ourselves!

We are SO psyched.

First thing after we get moved in and oriented, we’re going to join an astronomy club and eventually buy a good telescope. New Mexico boasts some of the deepest sky around, and we’re gonna go digging in it. We’re also going to get a pair of rock hammers and go look for geodes. As above, so below. Also: Learn Spanish. It’s stupid that we’ve spent most of our lives (other than in the Northwest) in the southern states and have only absorbed, like, ten words of Spanish, eight of them related to food.

Job? Yeah, need one of those. I’d like to say that it won’t be yet another warehouse gig. I want to do something else now. Bookseller? That sounds terrific until you consider that you’re not paid to read the books. Maybe something tech-related? I know how to surf the Internet fairly efficiently, and with two forefingers and one thumb I can rip along at, say, fifteen words per minute. I’ve just recently introduced myself to one Linux distribution (that being Ubuntu), so what is that worth? Hmph. Food service? I’ll join a carnival before I do that. Don’t prospective employers actually read blogs these days? Oops.

Before we can do ANYTHING, we have to wait. That’s the difficult bit. Meanwhile, I haven’t been on my bike in a month. That changes this week. Just not today, because my lungs are full of glue. Hell, I’m going to stop this and go lie down. Colds, they suck the suckness.

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