Time Travel

Isabella, Cathy, and I watched Superman (the 1978 version with Christopher Reeve) yesterday. It was my first viewing of it since, well, 1978 I think. I actually expected that someone might have to slap the goofy grin from my face as I watched it, gleefully wrapped in cozy nostalgia, but instead I found myself rolling my eyes a lot and fidgeting. No disrespect intended for either director Richard Donner or the cast, but MAN that was awful.

I don’t blame the film. I blame 1978. That was a smuggly year, boy. Forget about the special effects that might as well have had the wires painted Day-Glo orange, the real unsightliness was all over every poor cast member and extra, in the form of really bad clothing choices. Who thought that plaid was acceptable for a suit jacket? Or pants? Or hats? The best bit in the movie is the pimp on the street voicing his approval of Superman’s outfit. That speaks volumes.

I graduated high school in 1977, so by the time this movie was released I was well on my way in my quest to seriously fuck up my life. So let’s see what else was going on in 1978.

* The Academy Award for Best Motion Picture went to Annie Hall. Loved it. No flying wires apparent.

* The Most Popular Song was “Shadow Dancing”, by Andy Gibb.

I used to hate disco. I would listen to Kiss before I’d listen to disco. I’m not kidding. Now enough time has passed that I can wax nostalgic about both disco and Kiss (I just made the 19-year-old me of 1978 wake up in a cold sweat).

* The Jonestown Massacre. Apparently you can fool at least 900 people all the time. Or, well, long enough.

* First test tube baby – In vitro fertilization. A “Zowey!” medical breakthrough thingy, but I’m not sure this was really an “advancement in humanity” thingy. Time will tell, but you know Lex Luthor would have grown a YUGE army by now.

* Ultrasound first used. Ultra-groovy.

* Garfield the Cat was syndicated.

* Love Canal in New York was declared a federal disaster. This refers to an actual canal. As in water. I feel I must clarify this, as we’re discussing 1978 here and in certain publications in which certain biological amusements were described, the phrase “love canal” was used often in a way that had little to do with municipal waterworks.

* Space Invaders was the most popular arcade game so far as I knew, since every arcade and pizza place had one and people actually lined up to play it. I didn’t play it that much, being more of an Asteroids player (at which I also sucked).

Isabella has come in to sleep in the chair behind me. She’s stayed the weekend with us. I’m clacking away here and she’s snoring. I’m going to have to tease her about that later, because she’s always giving us grief about it.

I am, against all common sense, looking forward to the Dallas trip. I even posted a “freeway tour” of Dallas on my MySpace profile page, courtesy of YouTube. I like my job just fine, but I’ll admit to that sense of “This again!” when I roll into the parking lot these days. I just need to see some different stuff for about a week. Get away from our neighbors. Drink more than is good for me. Eat grilled and fried foods. Sweat while sitting still. Hopefully stand outside during a lightning storm. In short, I need to hit the reset button. I need to get out of town before I really do wear out my welcome.

Oh, and that next installment of the “100 Things”? It’s coming. Just not today.



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