The Lame’s Afoot!

My brother has had electrical issues with his office space in his home for weeks now.  He works from home and is able to use his laptop for that purpose, but his desk machines remain idle until he can re-wire and re-route upstairs.  This has meant NO GAMING, and I’m jonesing just a tad here.

Bill (my brother) is the only opponent in on-line gaming I’ve had and the only one I want, quite frankly.  I’ll admit here to a bias;  I don’t seek other players on-line because I suspect that many of them are the same sorts of mouth-breathers that leave comments on YouTube or Amazon.  I’m allergic to what I call E-egoism*, a social malignancy evidenced by persons who suffer from either an excess of personality or an absense of same and who seek solace on the internet to salve their self-absorbed needs.  They’re everywhere, fairly gibbering with the desire to advertize their superior knowledge and taste in all things except, apparently, literacy.  I imagine that half the keys on their keyboards are very dusty.  They won’t let proper punctuation get in the way of their campaign to assure the masses of their raging intellect, hellz no.  The gods forbid the rest of us go through Life ignorant of the fact that we are  hopeless luzerz because of our enjoyment of a particular band/movie/book.  I despise these people.

Anyway.  I would imagine that the on-line gaming servers for any particular game are rife with this sort, admittedly adept individuals with cyber-weaponry yet maladroit in social intercourse.  Brother Bill’s derision is hard enough to take at times…

Me:  “Damn, where are y—” *bang!* *dead*
Bill:  “I’ll admit you’ve got guts, ’cause I can see ’em.  Brain much, though?”
Me:  “Keep talking, I’m reloa–” *bang!* *dead*
Bill:  “Ah, there it is.  You might wanna pick that up and dust it off a little.”
…so taking smack from a stranger, particularly some slack-witted youngster with delusions of self-worth, would be too much.

Know who’s worse?  People who actually are pretty smart and are quite aware of it, but choose to wield a Cause with which they seek to bludgeon all who hold a differing opinion.  Case in point:  Cycling zealots.  Anyone who knows me understands that I am very pro-bike and believe that getting citizens on bicycles is one very significant way to improve not only the individual lives of those people but Life As We Know It.  I don’t perceive every human being driving an automobile as a murderous sociopath Hell-bent upon decimating the atmosphere and littering the landscape with the crushed corpses of hapless bicyclists.**  Unfortunately there are those who do, and the internet forums are rife with them.  If they were reasonable in their opinions and courteous to others in the conversation I wouldn’t carp, but too often they are condescending if not outright belligerent  (I suspect that many of these are the kind you’ll find picking fights with motorists during Critical Mass rides, the sort who feel that the rules of the road are meant for others while they stand exempt.  My bouts of road ire are usually directed toward these twits).  I’ve mostly learned to simply exit a thread and to avoid those kinds of conversations.  Mostly.  Kind of.


Dang it.  SelectSmart still insists that I’m an “American Liberal”.  I keep hoping for a more interesting result.

Quote for the Day:  “I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well.”  -Henry David Thoreau

Pronounced “eeegoism”.  Don’t give me grief over the spelling of “egoism” either, because “egoism” and “egotism” actually have two slightly different meanings.

**  Hummer drivers though; what the Hell are they thinking??


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