dr3amz r suxX0r kthxbye

I had another smoking dream Friday night, in which I succumbed to temptation, smoked a cigarette, and then felt overwhelming remorse and a heavy feeling of hopelessness.  I’m staring my one-year no-smoking anniversary in the face here, so when does this shit stop?

Speaking of anniversaries, the missus and I celebrated our 16th year of matrimony this weekend by successfully staying the Hell away from other people.  This is no mean feat, as practically everyone we know outside of work lives here in the same complex with us. What did we do?  Well, since we’ve been married 16 years, obviously sex wasn’t involved.  Instead, we read books and watched home-improvement programming.  

Yes, home-improvement programming.  They’re addictive, these shows.  I find it really funny that, what with the industry in which I work and the number of DIY shows we watch at home, I still can’t hammer a nail unless we’re talking about the one growing from my thumb.  Or yours, maybe.  I’m that bad.  Any home-improvement projects more complicated than vacuuming the floor are bound to go badly and end with much strife and muttered obscenities in the Garrison household.  Usually the missus is content to leave me out of them now, but every now and then she forgets the near-miss with marriage counceling we courted the last time she sought to include me in some doomed decorating foray, and I have to prove to her yet again why it’s best for all that I just trundle off for a nap and stay out of her way.

Anyway.  One thing that the missus did that I did not was watch Pan’s Labyrinth.  I wasn’t in the mood for a movie so I read in the bedroom and then dozed off.  It’s just as well, because she reported afterward that it was one of the most depressing films she’d seen yet.  Terrific.  I don’t do depressing movies.  I’ve had them sneak up on me (“Im so happy I got to see that, because they did such a wonderful job in the previews of not letting on that I’ll want to razor my wrists open in the nearest bathtub!  Thumbs up!”.), but you will never see me skip to the googleplex with the intent to watch a movie the sole purpose of which is to make me feel like crap for being alive and well.  Schindler’s List is a terrific film, I have no doubt.  I will never willingly see it.  Same goes for A Mighty Heart.  Call me shallow, but I want to be entertained by a movie, not have my conscience raised.  It’s pretty high up there already, thanks.  It’s just a bitch because I was looking forward to Pan’s Labyrinth.  Crud.

The missus awaits in the livingroom, with brownies!  :oD

See ya,



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