A Short One, Inspired By Comic Characters. Sad, Really…

This is just wrong.  Betty and Veronica were already hot, so why do this?  Why render them as two-dimensional caricatures of Hillary Duff or Ashley Simpson?  I speak as a man who was once a ten-year-old boy who drew outlines from the comics to see what the characters looked like naked*.  I am not ashamed.  Well, I’ve not been made to feel ashamed.  Yet.

Anyway.  Betty and Veronica were hot, but now we see they’ve been homogenized for the masses, no doubt to compete with those pre-teen hotties known as Bratz.  This is appalling.  Do the members of my generation get a vote here?  Because this vote is Nay.  It was bad enough they turned Johnny Quest into a pc tree-hugger**, now they have to fuck with B&V?  The nerve, the…the disrespect!  If they have to screw with beloved icons, why don’t they pick on that purple dinosaur?  Give him a wide-brimmed fedora and a pimp-stick.  Anything there would be to the good.  He’s a purple dinosaur, for Christ’s sake.

In other news, the missus is doing all too well.  I say “too well” because she’s starting to be a pain in the ass.  The “No Bending, No Twisting” thing?  Well, we bend, we twist, we tempt the fates.  I do my best here, but if she gets sprung like an old screen door it won’t be my fault.

Maybe more later.  Gotta bust up a cat fight and eat something.  Bye.

* Not Archie or Reggie though.

** I’m a tree hugger too.  I’m just sayin’.

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